The Best #YouStink Signs held in Lebanon's Protests

Lebanese protesters are taking to the streets to demand a sustainable solution to the country's mounting garbage problem. They are doing it the Lebanese way, with creative signs to send their message across. We will collect some of the best signs, ads, posters and graffiti in this post.

Lebanese protesters today gave the government a 72 hour ultimatum to meet their demands or face further protests on Tuesday. The demands include the resignation of Environment Minister Muhammed El-Machnouk and a permanent, sustainable solution to the garbage crisis, which initially took the people to the streets.

On Saturday, up to 250,000 protesters turned up at Martyr’ Square, where they continued to protest for a solution for the trash crisis, among other demands. Grassroots movement Tol3et Re7atkom (You Stink), a secular group formed spontaneously to rally support for the cause, is spearheading the protests.

You Stink has broadened its focus beyond officials’ mishandling of the refuse problem following the closure of the country's largest landfill in July. Members are now calling for the government's resignation, an end to corruption and fresh parliamentary elections.

Lebanon, already suffering from a poor infrastructure and daily electricity cuts, has had no president for over a year. In 2009, its parliament extended its term until 2017, with no elections, citing instability as a reason.